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Attractive location in the central transport hub, modern architecture and high-quality services to meet the demands currently placed on the working environment and lifestyle.


Yves Rocher

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Yves Rocher Herbal Cosmetics exploit the regenerating power and invigorating energy of plants for the benefit of your beauty! Come to choose from over 700 Herbal Cosmetics products for face care and body care, men’s and women’s fragrances, make-up, and sun care products.

The French cosmetics company Yves Rocher was founded in Brittany in 1959 and currently operates stores in more than 80 countries of the world. All the cosmetics products are made from plants cultivated by the company meeting stringent safety and environmental standards. Neither Herbal Cosmetics nor their ingredients are tested on animals and they do not contain any substances of animal origin (except honey and beeswax). The products undergo dermatological and ophthalmological tests.

Gifts and Loyalty Card discounts: Register for a free Yves Rocher Loyalty Card and get plenty of benefits. We will send you regularly a leaflet with an offer of discounts and gifts by mail. In addition, you will get loyalty points on your card for each purchase and after accumulating a sufficient number of points you will be able to choose a product of a given value for free.

Current offer: You will find details of our time-limited offers on our Internet pages


Store manager:  Hana Jedličková


Telephone: 727 902 532


Are you looking for a business opportunity?

Get a franchise for an Yves Rocher store!
A strong brand, proven know-how and local support, all this will help you to attain your business objectives and to make profit.
There are two options for franchising cooperation with Yves Rocher. The first is a bound franchise, when the franchisee leases a going, often already established business. The second type is a pure franchise when the franchisee owns or procures business premises. There are other costs such as construction work according to the company standards, purchasing of business equipment and furniture, etc. In both cases, the required entry fee is CZK 100,000 exclusive of VAT plus capital for the first delivery of goods according to the store size (between CZK 900,000 and CZK 1,500,000).
The Czech company YVES ROCHER Ltd. and the Slovak Yves Rocher Slovakia Ltd. offer for franchising two types of shops: long-established ones and brand new ones.

Support from the headquarters
Naturally enough, support from the headquarters is received during the entire franchising period. The franchisee is given the know-how and he and his personnel is professionally trained. During the entire period of cooperation Yves Rocher provides sophisticated marketing support, IT, and logistics services.

For any questions, please contact us here: